Sunday, March 14, 2010

Removing Bath Decals

I've started looking at city properties and realized that given my price range, I may have to buy a place that needs some remodeling. I've decided to test my skills and do a little remodeling around the current house.

For the bathroom, I spent a few hours removing bath decals after googling and learning a few tricks. Here's the Apartment Therapy post that gave me the idea in the first place

If you have bath decals you'd like to remove, try these steps:
Step 1: Blow dry the decal for one minute (I needed to use an extension cord for this)
Step 2: Lift the decal with a card (in this case it was a Jewel-Osco card)
Step 3: Remove any leftover adhesive with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel

Good luck and please ask questions or comment!

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