Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Beauty of the Burbs

The following is an incomplete list of what I'll miss if I ever move to the city. For city folk, a peek into what you're missing and some explanation of "why anyone would ever live in the burbs." For the suburbanites, a reminder of what you've got before it's gone!

- Family and friends. I'm about 99% sure fewer people will visit us since we won't be able to guarantee parking in the city.

- Rent/ mortgage is so much less you can actually afford to travel the world. See images of our latest trip to Indonesia (enjoy the captions)

- Lots of bedroom closet space. My closet is about 5 ft in diameter, and it's in my bedroom! In fact I've played hide-and-seek in there multiple times and once Igor couldn't even find me (hey, wait a second...!)

- Quiet hood, 'nuff said.

- The amazing grocery stores. I can't imagine only shopping @ Whole Foods, Dominick's, Jewel, TJs and the farmer's market when the weather is nice. I will probably go back to the burbs for my fresh, inexpensive veggies

- The joy of waiting for the purple line @ Howard when it's freezing outside, just kidding, this I won't miss.

What would you add to or argue with on this list??


  1. * Old People, they are cute and entertaining. You can eat their cookies and steal the tennis balls of their walkers

  2. You'll love being closer to me ;)

  3. I gotta say, I love this whole "blogging thing." Before I logged on, I was like "why did I ask a question at the end of my last post, no one will have responded and I'll be sad." Wow, I have some good friends (and boyfriend):

    Игорь - That's hilarious and so true! Wait, do our neighbors give you cookies? I always knew you were cuter than me.

    Ashley, yes I'll be closer to you. And every other person I know, in some very small, vertical space!