Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Oh-So-Funny House Hunt

Man oh man. You should see some of the houses on the market and the shock on my face as they get snatched up. Really? You want to pay $250k to have your beautiful vintage house and HUGE backyard backing up to the brown line?? Or perhaps you want to spend $350k for a junior one-shoebox (you can't say a 9x7 area is a bedroom, can you?!).

Ahhhh, the possibilities of bad deals in my price range (no, not the numbers above) are endless! Even in this market. It all comes down to priorities as my wonderful real estate agent, Burt will tell you: Location is usually #1. Then you have to think about space, house design, bedroom size and then "amenities."

Sometimes I just want to give up on the house hunt. Maybe I'm just not ready, maybe I should rent? While I ponder, I'll leave you with this wonderful post on "10 oh-so-funny balconies." It should also give you some insight into how my house hunt has been going. (via @chiarchitecture)

This is my favorite:

2. Still in use?

I wonder is anyone still trying to use that railway?

Balcony fail


  1. I don't know, 250 for a house backing on the Brown line doesn't sound so bad to me! What's the line from the Blues Brothers? "So often you don't even notice it?"

  2. I feel your house-hunting pain. Yes, location is 1st priority, but design can DEFINITELY make a huge difference, too.
    When I was house-hunting I was dying to look at this newly-remodeled condo in an incredible area that was priced pretty low. Maybe it was my lucky day and I found a gem, right? Wrong. This guy must have thought he created the ULTIMATE condo, but it was frightening. He replaced the foyer closet with a wet bar...removed the bedroom closet to make room for a HUGE lava rock jacuzzi...and installed a wine fridge in every room. Everything was steel, red, black leather, or mirrored. I felt like I needed to be disinfected when I left that place.
    But keep looking...there are good places out there. I eventually found one and couldn't be happier. And not a lava rock jacuzzi in sight.

  3. Pete says that line all the time, "so often you don't even notice."

    When I stand on the train platforms, I always catch myself looking at the places right next to the tracks. I don't think I could do it. The noise would drive me insane. I keep my cell phone on vibrate because I hate to hear it ring. Could you imagine having to listen to a train go by every 4 to 12 mins?

    Ahhhh. Good Luck!