Thursday, August 11, 2011

They own 'em all

Boka Restaurant Group owns every amazing restaurant right now. Girl & the Goat, GT Fish and Oyster Bar and Perennial Virant, which is in my neighborhood. They are soon opening up Balena in the old Landmark spot.).

Bottom line, these people know what they are doing! I decided to go on a culinary tour for my birthday this year. Double-date dinner with my sister, her husband and my boyfriend involved Virant's local specialties like beef loin and carnaroli rice. That menu looks better and better every time I look at it. Here's a pic from that evening c/o Larisa (send me your blog deets!)

The following day I hiked over to GT Fish for birthday lunch with LC and Morgan where we had their infamous lobster roll (nothing to write home about) fish tacos and tuna poke.

I really enjoyed it!

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  1. They don't own all the amazing restaurants. They don't own Portillo's or Papas Cache Sabroso. Until they make those two acquisitions, I say, "Boka? Joka!"