Tuesday, November 20, 2012

F*ck War

I've been reading a lot about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from, what I think is, both sides of the argument. I follow a new acquaintance on Facebook who has been posting a lot about the conflict from the Palestinian perspective. She works as a photographer who has documented 1) domestic abuse in Palestine, 2) the last generation of Palestinian children born before the wall went up and 3) children imprisoned by Israel. For her full description of the projects, you can click here:  http://www.samarhazboun.com.

On the other hand, I've also read the accounts from old high school friends who live in Israel and the stance of the AJC, a Global Jewish Advocacy group in Chicago.

Unlike many of my friends, it's not possible for me to blankly say "I stand with Israel." I do not think the IDF is doing everything 100% right. I think if you look at Samar's website, you'll agree.

For every ten pictures I see that says Palestinians use their children as shields, I see one saying the same thing about the IDF. Just to provide more information, here's an entire IDF blog post about how Hamas uses children as human shields as a defense tactic http://www.idfblog.com/hamas/2012/01/14/hamas-human-shield-tactics/ and above, a picture demonstrating an IDF soldier crouched over what looks like a Palestinian teen "using him as a shield."

Then there are several sources that show Israel as the aggressor. To the left, a video called "Israel teaches children to hate and kill."

I've heard arguments from both sides: (paraphrase) "please don't call this a war when it's between the fourth largest military in the world and a nation with no army, no navy and no airforce; this is genocide."

And on the other hand: "no other nation in the world would standby while there are hundred of rockets being shot daily into towns and villages.

The two videos I found most helpful to me in providing background and perspective for Israel's actions:

The Bottom Line: While I'm Jewish and believe Jews in Israel have a right to a state and to live peacefully without threats, I also think we need to be open-minded, diplomatic and understand other perspectives.It's hard to follow everything, but I encourage people to read instead of following blindly.

I also got more perspective, when one of my friends was impacted personally by a not-so-distant war: she found out this weekend that her boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan. He will work to break down equipment so other soldiers can go home to their families after serving their tours. He will be serving for six months, time away from his family, girlfriend and friends. Time away from his daily life, time away from the safety we feel at home. I pray for his safety, for the safety of all of our soldiers, and for the safety for the people in Israel and Gaza. The only thing I wish would cease to exist is war, misunderstanding and conflict.


  1. Typical non-sense from a person who lives in the clouds and has no sense of reality.

    1. First, If the soldier in the picture above was using the child as a shield he should really have him standing, by crouching he does not make an effective shield, as the shielding effect is minimized. Conclusion about the picture: you don't know what a shield is.

    2. "Oh no, war is bad, let's all get along" sounds like someone who can't handle conflict would say, also sounds like someone who would let others walk all over them would say, does this describe you? You offer no solution, and only bitch, maybe it's a cry for attention.

    How much more understanding do you want Israel to be, maybe they should text the cell-phones in the vicinity of the strike? Oh shit they do that. Maybe they should drop leaflets and tell the civilians to stay away from areas where Hamas is operating? Oh you mean they do that too? How about Israel does precision strikes, rather than just blanket shower Gaza with rockets a la Hamas? Damn they do that to?

    1. Hi just changed the settings to my blog, but please don't comment on this issue anonymously and attack me personally. I don't walk into your house, take off my shoes and insult who you are.

      I handle conflict just fine, what I don't handle well is uninformed people standing by a country because they are told to from birth. I also can't handle the personal attacks. In an ideal world, people would focus on the facts and resolution.

      And you're right, I don't have a solution for either the uneducated, nor the conflict. Believe me, if I did, we wouldn't be having this discussion. But I will say, war is a band-aid, covering up a symptom. Not the solution.