Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bikers Against Dumb Drivers

I have a license plate photo of a bad driver, that I don't know exactly what to do with, so I've opted for posting here.

Last week, I saw this dude in an SUV pull a move that nearly cost a biker his life. The driver sped up in the lane next to us, past the car I was in and cut us off by merging into the left lane. The right lane had a biker in it.

I can pretty much promise you, you don't have anywhere so important to be, that it's worth risking this biker's life. Bikers go super slow, man! Just let the bikers be please. They are eliminating road traffic and emissions. I know safety is important to you, you are driving a Volvo. Don't be a jackass and only care about your safety.

For all the rest of ya'lls, let's do something nice for someone else today.

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