Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Like a Fish out of Water

I'm sure there are some other cute analogies related to fish I can use for this post, but I'll just cut to the chase: don't bike, but certainly drive to check out Calumet Fisheries. I'm sure you've heard of it by now, Calumet Fisheries is an adorable shack at the side of the road with its own smokehouse in back and a James Beard Foundation Award. They make a delicious array of smoked fish. We had the smoked shrimp and the smoked pepper and garlic salmon. Both were excellent.

I'm surprised this is a common bike route for people from the north side, because we were definitely out of place riding our bicycles through the neighborhood at South Shore Dr between 71st and 95th. In fact, some teens on bikes told us this as we rode by. Also telling, was the police blockade we had to avoid with a slight detour into Rainbow Park. Sadly, the police blockade was due to a 19 month old girl who was fatally struck by a CTA bus. Arguably, we might have been safer in the South Shore neighborhood than in Lincoln Park where a woman was shot outside the zoo. In any case, I recommend driving.

If you are looking for a nice long distance bike ride from the Lincoln Park/Old Town area, consider riding north to the Botanical Gardens and taking the Metra back. It's a similar distance, and you don't get to stuff your face with delicious food at the end, so you might actually benefit from the workout :).

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