Friday, May 23, 2014

NPR Month

Gene and I are obsessed with NPR. From their news coverage, to the programs they distribute like Public Radio International’s This American Life and the Moth podcast.  If you haven’t become an NPR fan yet, tune into your local affiliate, WBEZ (91.5 fm) if you’re in Chicago.

Say what you will about the NPR listener (white, uptight…yup seems right), but I wear my t-shirt proudly.

NPR week started Gene surprised me with a ride to Milwaukee, to catch Ira Glass on stage with two modern dancers for his “once a month, in different cities” performance at Riverside Theater (also known as The Pabst, keep it classy Milwaukee J). It was awesome fun, as Ira told stories related to dance in acts I, II, and III and the two modern dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass performed throughout. As a side note, we also got to enjoy some delicious oysters beforehand at St Paul Fish Company at the Milwaukee Public Market.

NPR week continued as I went to DC for work and took our chief economist to meet with Jackie Northam, John Ydstie and Marilyn Geewax. I also got to meet Robert Siegel, for a brief moment on a tour of their new building, and got to snap this picture of tiny desk!

This also happened to be the same couple of weeks when Gene scored tickets to Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news quiz at the Chase Bank Auditorium. It was a blast to see Karl Castle’s last day in Chicago as the wonderful voice that introduces Peter Segaaaaal!

I heart NPR month. Let's do it again sometime.

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